Who is mo rocca dating

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Who is mo rocca dating - nobody told me i was dating a whore

Host Mo Rocca shows us the students who built a car that gets 2400 MPG; the beginning of the computer age with one of the original Apple Computers; the inventors of the highest tech suitcase; and the Penguin Chick Bot that is giving researchers a new view into the penguin world.Host Mo Rocca shows us the chef using science to add to your dining experience; the evolution of cars throughout history; the 13-year-old who built an affordable Braille printer; and brushing your teeth with a Bluetooth toothbrush.

Host Mo Rocca shows how nanotechnology could make dirty clothes a thing of the past; how food packaging changed how we shop; innovations that are taking the frustration out of finding that parking space; inventions to make sure you never lose your keys again.

Host Mo Rocca shows us inventors making any car a self-drive vehicle; Henry Ford was also the father of soybeans; the inventors of the armband computer mouse; and floating wind turbines capturing the high-altitude winds.

Host Mo Rocca shows us how stores use facial recognition software to target big-ticket shoppers; the legacy of Abraham Lincoln; how jock tech is changing the way we exercise; and the young Irishman who created a sports mouth guard to detect concussions.

Host Mo Rocca shows us the invention that shoots spawning salmon over man-made obstructions as they swim upstream; Noah Webster Home, where the first American dictionary was written; the inventor of a soccer ball that generates plug-in power; and the last generation to know some of the world’s greatest inventions.

Host Mo Rocca shows us incredible innovators under 20 years old; 9-year-old Algae Girl, who is pioneering oil-producing algae by growing it under her bed; how Thomas Edison’s inventions still make us all look like slackers; 16-year-old Hollow Flashlight Girl, who invented a battery-free flashlight; and the 20-year-old from the Netherlands who is skimming the plastics from our oceans.

Host Mo Rocca shows us the biker dudes who’ve invented elaborate paint that lights up; The Henry Ford and the return of wrinkled sheep; the inventor of the Elio 3-wheeled car; and the teen who invented a way to clean water with water.

Host Mo Rocca shows us an innovator who condensed a TV satellite truck into a backpack; how the Model T car assembly line changed the manufacturing world; the inventors of solar roads that could power the world; and lifelike robot predatory birds to lessen the dangers of real birds at airports.' and all that."Schumer won't call himself a matchmaker, or a yenta. "When I see, you know, two single people who might be good for each other -- I'm not the most subtle guy in the world, but I try as subtly and as gently as I can, 'Oh, she's nice, he's nice.'" New York State Senator Daniel Squadron (center) and his wife, Liz, met while working in the office of Senator Charles Schumer.They are just one of 11 couples who have married after finding romance at the New York lawmaker's office.That's 11 marriages during Schumer's 16-year tenure."There are two spins on all these Schumer marriages," said the senator."One is, we are the closest-knit staff on the Hill.The one thing I try to do at all of them is, and it's relevant, we play my favorite song, which is 'It's Raining Men.' "It's raining men, halleluiah!