Validating a measure of teacher technology integration

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For more information, visit the School of Education. The first in a sequence of six practical/clinical experiences for the Athletic Training Student, under the direct supervision of a Preceptor. Students in the non-teacher-licensure areas of athletic training, exercise science, sport management, and community health usually complete the bachelor’s degree program in 4 years. Prerequisite: Admission to Athletic Training program, HSES 250 and HSES 251.

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Within these tenets, the Alliance works for collaborative research, training and professional development opportunities for public school educators, university faculty, and teacher education students with the ultimate goal of improving education for all children. Prerequisite: Admission to the Athletic Training Program, HSES 353, concurrent enrollment HSES 355.

Most facilities offer graduate students opportunities for assistantship, laboratory, and research experiences related to their programs of study. Applied Physiology Laboratory and Fitness Evaluation Clinic This teaching and research laboratory in stress physiology at Robinson Center assesses physical function through physiological tests. This course will focus on issues surrounding drug use, testing, and prevention in sports and will incorporate life skills training in the areas of career transition, stress and time management, performance enhancement, strategic learning skills, and the dynamics of communication and leadership.

Fitness parameters of physical education majors and students in health, sport, and exercise sciences classes are assessed routinely. Life Skills Training for Intercollegiate Athletics.

After completing a minimum of 120 approved hours and the requirements for the specific teacher licensure program, the student receives a bachelor’s degree and is eligible for a Kansas teaching license. Efficient performance of the skills during game conditions will be emphasized.

Majors are available in the following teaching fields: (Note: Students must speak to the appropriate advisors while planning these added endorsements.) A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 is required for graduation.

PDS schools are in 4 different districts, which may include elementary, middle, or secondary sites. This course is the second in a sequence of six practicum/clinical experience courses for the athletic training student. Prerequisite: Admission to the School of Education.

The University of Kansas Professional Development School (KUPDS) is an active partnership between the University of Kansas School of Education and 15 public schools in four surrounding school districts. Prerequisite: Admission to Athletic Training program and concurrent enrollment in HSES 354. This data is part of the Title II report required by the federal government. Lectures and laboratory sessions will be centered on practical knowledge and experiences designed to help individuals enhance their own health, as well as develop sound programs for others. Prerequisite: Admission to the School of Education. The School of Education provides these programs and facilities for students, faculty, and, in many cases, the public. The topics discussed include cardiovascular fitness, body composition, muscular strength, flexibility, evaluation of fitness components, training program design, nutrition, weight management, and facts and fallacies of nutrition and fitness. Information about the Kansas licensure examinations is available at Testing Services, 2150 Watkins Memorial Health Center, 785-864-2768. An appreciation for dance will be developed through the study of the pioneers of dance and the critique of local dance performances. Subject content and teaching methodologies will be emphasized in the ten content areas of health with special emphasis on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, stress reduction, mental health and human sexuality. exercise, nutrition, stress management), both for health enhancement and disease prevention. Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology and Motor Control. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding the interactions between the nervous system and muscular systems in the control of muscle force/power production and the control of movement under a variety of contexts. Before the senior year, teacher candidates may apply to complete their experiences in one of the Professional Development Schools. Students will experience the following types of dance: creative movement, basic rhythms, ballroom dance, and folk and square dance. Prerequisite: BIOL 240 and BIOL 246; or admittance to HSES exercise science, community health, or athletic training programs. These contexts include responses and adaptations to exercise training, the aging process, and in a variety of neuromuscular disorders. Admission also is based on performance in core courses, academic preparation for the major, and the number of students each program can admit. This course is designed to introduce the practical skills and psychomotor clinical competencies of the beginning student-athletic trainer.

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