Updating server extensions in iis

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Updating server extensions in iis - Dirty sex chat room site free

First, Front Page sets the appropriate permissions on every directory and file in a Front Page Web site when it creates the site.It creates hidden private directories for components such as the CGI programs, so the author isn't in danger of accidentally deleting some required component.

I still have an old Apache server running that hosts a lot of ISP personal Web sites.Of course, I can also override the default settings and set custom read, write, and execute permissions.And finally, I can author and administer my Front Page Web sites from any Front Page client anywhere in the world.The server extensions raise two main security concerns: How well does authentication work, and can an unauthorized user attack the server through the server extensions?The Front Page Server Extensions in Front Page 98 use Basic authentication over the Internet (the browser ships the password in cleartext).The extensions create all the directories for you and set all the permissions.

At that point, Front Page administrators can take care of the sites themselves.

However, Front Page is also a Web-site publishing and management tool that comes with some fine Web-management capabilities (e.g., role-based permissions and both local and remote administration tools).

For the IIS administrator, the Front Page Server Extensions let you create Web sites and assign permissions for who can browse, author, and administer them in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Next, Front Page lets me, the administrator, assign role-based permissions (e.g., browse only, author, administer) on each Front Page Web site and sub-Web individually.

As the Front Page administrator, I can let an author update content on a particular Web site, but not create new Web sites.

Development tools such as Microsoft Visual Inter Dev receive a lot of press for their server-side parts, but Visual Inter Dev uses the Front Page Server Extensions.

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