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However, the Romans maintained a system of forts in the lowland region ca.80–220 AD to control the indigenous population beyond Hadrian's Wall and annexed the Lowlands briefly with the construction of the Antonine Wall in 164.

(See: Great Britain road numbering scheme#Ancient roads).During the Flavian period (69–96 AD), the roads to Lincoln, Wroxeter and Gloucester were extended (by 80) to the new (and definitive) legionary bases at York, Chester and Caerleon respectively.By 96 further extensions from York to Corbridge, and from Chester to Carlisle and Caernarfon (Segontium), were completed as Roman rule was extended over Wales (Cambria) and northern England (Brigantia).Stanegate, the military road from Carlisle to Corbridge, was built under the Emperor Trajan (ruled 98–117 AD) along the line of the future Hadrian's Wall, which was constructed by his successor Hadrian in 122–132 AD.Scotland (Caledonia), including England north of Hadrian's Wall, remained mostly outside the boundaries of Britannia province, as the Romans never succeeded in subjugating the entire island, despite a serious effort to do so by governor Gnaeus Julius Agricola in 82–84 AD.Our stylish West End hotel is located only a brief walk from the Natural History Museum, Science Museum as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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It is estimated that the Romans constructed and maintained about 2,000 mi (3,200 km) of paved trunk roads (i.e.

surfaced highways) throughout the province, although most of the known network was complete by AD 180.

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