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Her uncle gently Pets her hand, But she is much Too busy then.”Uncle Cliff pets my hand as it still rests on his arm. The breezes blow Trees gently sway It is a lovely, Country day.”Then I make my voice just a little more serious:“Inside the barn Men gather all To see what happens In the stall A young girl on Her knees in there Hands on the ground, Her skin is bare. I read the addendum:“And now we’re here On Christmas day Giving gifts Just like they say This poem is My gift to you Since dollars I Have but a few I have a gift In mind for me, In case you have A gift for me You wonder what My gift would be? As he took my coat, slipped out from it totally nude, except for my trainers, and collar, and leash, he took my lead from my master, and said walk on little bitch, walk on! “A more experienced person.” “Dolly will probably give you something to keep you calm,” he continued. The doggie’s cock Had perfect aim And she will never Be the same.”I pause again, then start reading again, my voice even now:“Her deflowering Is complete The men are smiling With this feat. The men all cheer For he’s locked in And now she MUST Complete the sin. And as her body Fills with jiz The dog is hers And she is his The camera films her Up and down The come is falling To the ground She knows the act It has been done She has made The doggie come And she has made The whole group smile And Rover’s happy For awhile.”Then I closed my eyes and spoke softly and wistfully:“Above the barn Up in the air A bird it flies Without a care. watched as he walked up to one of the houses and knocked the door, a guy came to the door, and hubby shook his hand, and heard the guy say: your here your really here and you have your bitch with you see!? Indeed let me take your coat, and the covering of that pretty little bitch, you have there.

The guys are eager Moving close They think her first Will be the most. I put my hand back on Uncle Cliff’s leg, then speak loudly.““OHHH! Then doggie slows His eager force, Letting nature Take its course. Together well Her uncle gently Strokes her hair As dog’s cock swells And locks in there.”Uncle Cliff reaches up and strokes my hair. But I keep reading:“She tells her friends That Rover’s locked So they will know She feels the Knot. These are her thoughts As they unite The film it runs The lights are bright So men can see that Well and clear She is….willing To be here.”My voice rises again:“Now Rover pumps With fevered pace She tries to be His willing mate. ””Uncle Cliff has been concentrating, and as I pause he follows perfectly, now reading:“”Yes, niece you’re The perfect one To feel the warm Wet doggie come.””He pauses, so I start reading again:“And Rover keeps His cock in deep To shoot his sperm Inside her sheath. He took the leash and snapped it on to my collar, and said now walk to the car, and get in! Hubby drove for about 50 mines on the motorway, through Birmingham, across the other side, to a place that had fields and trees, deep woods long walks. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for on! you fucking dogs whore, he pulled my nipples with his big fat fingers, pulling me on to his cock hard, and nasty, he fucked me as slipped my fingers over my city, and pussy hole still dripping from my lust, oh oh oh as came again, as his cock plundered my dark hole, until I screamed again, and he said , you dirty whore, I felt that cum of yours deep in your arse, he slipped out my ass hole, and unclipped the cock ring, and said suck it, clean dog whore, suck me clean, I took his cock, licked it sucked it clean, revaling in the smells, and tastes of his cock sucking it, it licking it, as he fucked my lips. “He hasn’t given me anything yet,” I winked as I lied. And it will be very special.” “Well, I hope it will be,” she said. I have a feeling his gift will be very special,” I said with a smile. “Thanks, Uncle Cliff.” With that I gave him a short kiss on the lips. She braces then Still better yet That she might breed With Uncle’s pet. The men they smile, Cheer, then applaud At her deflowering By a dog. PART -IIIt was a long hot summer gosh, it had been warm at night. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for could tell he was so excited, by our being there; his high pitched voice gave it away. now tom was about 58 years old, a tall man, about 6 feet tall, his hands were huge, like shovels, and fingers so thick, his finger nails very clean(I hate dirty finger nails ). You were so right, your little bitch is very beautiful! He left the room, and after a time came back with towels, and spread them over the carpet, four towels in total. I nod and keep reading:“Concentrating As she must Her mind is filled With perfect lust. Up on her back The dog is in His point of pink Is well within This dog has fucked The girl beneath His come inside Her virgin sheath. ”I look up at Uncle Cliff as I say the last two lines.“That uncle’s you And niece is…”Read More Animal Sex-My husband wants me to have sex with our dog. Now that’s a good girl patting my bottom as walked. indeed assist by the fire, he said: now have to get one or two things, and will be back want you to lie down little bitch, lie back, lay back on my back, showing off my breasts and pussy, hmmmmm yes, beautiful, beautiful! I could imagine what was going through Uncle Cliff’s mind as he handed me the phone. ” I looked at Uncle Cliff, then touched his arm as we stood there together. “Yes, I’m having a very good time.” Mother started talking about their trip, and I sat there listening. “I want it to be perfect, Uncle Cliff.” Then I looked up at him. I slipped over the towels, and lay with my arms above my head, my legs open, my knees bent, akimbo my feet just touching together.

I should have expected her to call on Christmas Day. “But I did give him a nice card, and I wrote him a little poem.” “Did he like it? “Like you said in your note, she probably wouldn’t approve of your poem.” “It wasn’t for her. I still want to do this.” I put my arms around him with my head against his chest. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for uncle gently Lifts her chin As cameras move Still closer in.”As my voice builds, I realize that I’m acting as I read:“His thrusts are hard And deep they go. Making me moan, and move on the carpet, he patted the towels and said come, come little bitch, lie here, little one. He looked through the peep hole to see Grace standing there with her two dogs Clarence and Henry.“What’s up Grace, it’s twelve thirty”. A knock on the door ended their activities for the moment, “who the hell is that, it’s twelve thirty in the morning”, said John annoyed. “It takes about an hour to work.” The cameras were still on. he came jet, after jet of man seed, filling my belly pulled him out, my throat, and winked him, sucked him, sucked hard as each jet came, making him scream with pain, as sucked so hard, making him shake and shiver, as pulled the very stuff of life, from his balls! come on, whore, yes, so close, now suck it, suck it deeper in your throat, I want to cum in your belly, and whoosh! You whore, take my cock all of it deep in your ass hole!

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