Percentage of people who have tried online dating

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Percentage of people who have tried online dating - using professional photos for online dating

Middle-aged Americans, 55 to 64, are now twice as likely to try looking for someone online since 2013.The technology also gained some users among 45-to-54-year-olds.

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(That said, college graduates don’t use dating services at more than an average rate.)What made millennial adoption of online dating grow so much?

The survey doesn’t say, but it provides some clues.

In the two years between this Pew poll and the last, the percent of 18 to 24-year-olds who had used dating apps on their phone vaulted from five percent to 22 percent.

But a new poll finds that an extraordinary technological change has taken place over the past three years.

Just two years ago, American adults ages 18 to 24 used online-dating sites and apps at an average rate for all American adults—about 10 percent. College-aged and post-college-aged Americans are now the most likely demographic to turn to the technology.

The survey also found that acceptance—or, at least, awareness—of online dating was growing.

Eighty percent of Americans think a website like Ok Cupid or an app like Tinder are good ways to meet people.

Only 38 percent of men said they felt the same way.

It’s like that old quote, often attributed to Margaret Atwood: Women are afraid men will kill them.

Across all American adults, use of dating apps tripled, though the raw numbers aren’t as impressive.

In 2013, three percent had used a smartphone dating app. The study polled 2,001 adults in the United States, mostly during June of last year.

In fact, there was only one place where responses differed among genders.

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