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He then slapped one hand over her mouth and nose and the other against her head, and pushed her to the ground. Castro tied an orange extension cord around her ankles and wrists, yanked her limbs together behind her back, then wrapped the cord around her neck. I’m not gonna keep you that long,” she remembers him saying as he unzipped his pants and masturbated until he ejaculated on her. “Now I need you to be still so I can put you up on these poles,” he said, shoving Knight onto her stomach.He tied a second extension cord to the one around her limbs and neck, then attached it to the wire hanging between the poles.

But we are largely uninterested in their aftermath.

“They’re under there,” he said, pointing to the dresser.

Knight took another step forward and——Castro slammed the door shut behind them. All she could do was stare at the two metal poles on either side of the room, and the taut wire running between them.

Recovery, which presents a deluge of challenges (post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, substance abuse, chronic health conditions, abusive relationships and subsequent victimization), is far less uplifting than rescue, justice and restoring order to the world.

“We want to believe that stories of kidnapping and captivity end, like the Disney version of Rapunzel, happily ever after,” says Bruce Shapiro, executive director of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. We don't really want to know about that, because in a way, that’s more frightening.” There is a cohort of women who know exactly how terrifying recovery can be.

On her chest, a baby and the phrase “Too beautiful for this Earth.” On her right calf, there’s a large face, part skeleton and part flesh.

“This tattoo represents my life from the past and my life in the future.

Suddenly, Knight felt herself being roughly hoisted into the air.

Her entire body dangled, face down, in a plank position about a foot above the floor, neck cocked, back arched slightly, hands and feet bound behind her.

They are members of a society they never wanted to join, because membership meant enduring harrowing traumas and surviving to tell their stories.

The names evoke some of the most hideous captivity tales on record.

A tall chain-link fence surrounded the dilapidated, multi-story home, and trash was strewn across the lawn.