Network clients time not updating

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Now I am feeling guilty for not listing all the other people who have kept me company, fed me, or joined me in friendship and conversation over the years.

They have kept me from making dumb moves, and have put me right when I have been confused (ok, that happens more times than I like to admit).The most significant monetary benefit my network has brought me, and we are talking six figures from just one contact, is the opportunities they expose me to or introduce me to.If you are not getting enough opportunities, then you need to build your network.Do not overlook the simple benefit of having friends in the business with no strings attached.We need to know someone has our back, that we have people who are there for us.One of the most surprising questions I have seen over and over during our launch has been people asking how they might benefit. It is not an instant gratification thing very often.

OK, so we have all experienced that chance meeting where everything clicks and we come away with a brilliant, but random contact. We are talking about human relationships, and they are not always fast burning things.Of course you wouldn’t be reading this article if I hadn’t managed to give you concrete reasons why you should invest your time in networking, so here they are. ” attitude is going to sink your efforts before you begin.There are many benefits to networking but you have to remember that we are dealing with people. But, of course you need to know what return you are going to get before you invest, so here is what you can expect: I wanted to start with a benefit that does not necessarily convert to Dollars, Pounds or Euros.It can be lonely when you work alone, with only a monitor light to keep you company.Having someone who understands is extremely valuable on a psychological and emotional level.If two people are equally qualified then it goes to who you know, like and trust. This one networking benefit alone has to be worth an astronomical amount.