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The Malaysian population continues to grow at a rate of 2.4% per annum.

Their language, Malay (Bahasa Malaysia), is the national language of the country.

Citizens of Minangkabau, Bugis or Javanese origins, who can be classified "Malay" under constitutional definitions may also speak their respective ancestral tongues.

They form the largest community in Malaysia and play a dominant role politically. By constitutional definition, Malays are Muslims who practice Malay customs (adat) and culture.

Therefore, technically, a Muslim of any race who practices Malay customs and culture can be considered a Malay and allocated privileged status in the form of the Bumiputra rights stipulated in the constitution.

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By definition of the Malaysian constitution, all Malays are Muslims.

In the past, Malays wrote in Pallava or using the Sanskrit-based alphabet of Kawi.

The state of Sabah alone had nearly 25% of its 2.7 million population listed as illegal foreign workers in the last census.

Sabah based NGOs estimate that out of the 3 million population, 2 million are illegal immigrants.

CBR = crude birth rate (per 1000); CDR = crude death rate (per 1000); NC = natural change (per 1000); TFR = total fertility rate (number of children per woman); IMR = infant mortality rate per 1000 births Malaysia's population comprises many ethnic groups.

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