Elvis presley dating he died

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Elvis presley dating he died - humble dating

Elvis Presley's life was a tragic existence in the eye's of decency and morality.Elvis lived a shameful life of wine, women, and song (of illegal drugs, whores, and devilish music).

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam observed: "In cultural terms, [Elviss] coming was nothing less than the start of a revolution" (Halberstam, The Fifties).When Elvis appeared on the Milton Berle Show in April 1956, he was watched by more than 40 million viewers, one out of every four Americans.Soon, Life magazine published photos of teenage boys lined up at barbershops for ducktail haircuts so they could look like their rock King.Elviss mother was "a surreptitious drinker and alcoholic." When she was angry, "she cussed like a sailor" (Priscilla Presley, Elvis and Me, p. She was "a woman susceptible to the full spectrum of backwoods superstitions, prone to prophetic dreams and mystical intuitions" (Stairway to Heaven, p. Gladys was only 46 when she died from alcohol-related problems.Elvis had a twin brother, Jesse, who died at birth, and both he and his mother were accustomed to praying to this dead boy.Interview with Kenny Wynn, Colonel Tom Parker's assistant.

Kenny had an insider's view of the Presley empire back in the 1970s when 'The King' was selling out hundreds of performances at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Recently, his former wife at age 60 claimed that Elvis likely would have become a preacher had he not died at such a young age.

Elvis may have qualified to become a sinister minister, but not a Gospel preacher.

Elvis biographer Peter Harry Brown correctly noted that to the girls of that day, "Elvis Presley didnt just represent a new type of music; he represented sexual liberation" (Down at the End of Lonely Street, p. Elvis Presley stood for everything rock & roll stands for: sexual license, rebellion against authority, self-fulfillment, if it feels good, do it and dont worry about tomorrow, debauchery glossed over with a thin veneer of shallow, humanistic spirituality.

The rock & roll philosophy created Elvis Presley, and it killed Elvis Presley.

Soon after the death of Elviss mom, Vernon began dating the wife of a soldier in Germany, and after she divorced her husband, they married.