Dating staying friends

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Dating staying friends - online dating east kilbride

Even though he was pretty much my life for over 3 years, I had to walk away totally.

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a) I realized that yes, she really did love me truly and deeply. I got a couple of msg from women and I explained the situation. It'll be a long while before I can be anything more than friends with another woman.When she started to pull away, I realized what I was losing. Not to end things on a bad note, not to say that you won't be friends in the future, just to live your life and not invest so much time into the ex that prevents you from having a life and potential relationship of your own. If anything, you would be almost intensifying the feelings if you allow yourself to be around for now.You should not set yourself up to be the 'go to guy' whenever she has problems with the new love and then wants to 'talk about it' with her 'old friend'.We weren't meant to be, even though I thought for a long time that we were a perfect fit.Although you may miss daily or weekly contact or whatever you have been doing, you will have to let go and create a new life for yourself until you feel that you no longer want her in "that" way.We've seen one another through the darkest times of our lives with love and support, thousands of hours of chat, emails, phone calls, and letters. If you both just want to see the other person happy with the mate that's right for them, that's all good.

We had no secrets at all and eventually fell for one another. The biggest problem that I've seen is one person waiting for the other, as in playing the friend in hopes that something will bring them back together.Please share your thoughts, advice, and experiences.-Kevin PS.I suppose it's relevant to mention that the "feelings trampled" involved my unwillingness to "sh it or get off the pot" and just commit to her once and for all. I picked up the phone (she called pretty often) - I was glad to see her when she came over ...... I finally stopped picking up the phone about 14 months ago. WHY - why should a keep allowing her to “still have me” at her convenience.We talked through it extensively and agreed it's better to let her go with a "maybe someday..." clause added on.It's very painful to hang out with her as a friend and then watch her drive away with someone else, but it's even more painful to not have her in my life at all.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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    She may not be sharing a bed with him, but she still shares his life which means no matter how much you want it to just be two of you, it will always be three of you, regardless of whether she is in good or bad terms with him.

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