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This raises concerns whether the crew members were trained for emergencies or had the proper certificates to serve as crew. K.'s Mail Online contained similar information in an article titled Nebraska Couple Died in Amazon Cruise Inferno After 'Alarms Failed and Confused Crew Took 20 Minutes to Pull Them From Their Burning Cabin - and Then the Ship Continued its Voyage.' I communicated with the Hammer daughters regarding the recent status of their search for information: "Ever since our parents were killed on International Expeditions’ (IE) Amazon boat La Estrella Amazonica, we have been desperate to figure out how this tragedy happened. the Princess cruise ship sailed from Southampton heading toward Las Palas, which is the capital of Gran Canaria, one of Spain's Canary Islands off northwestern Africa.IE has denied our pleas for information on multiple fronts: : The Mercury News newspaper published Parents’ death in riverboat cruise sends Menlo Park daughter on quest for answers. Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein's website also contains this comment from a passenger aboard the : "Around PM the cabin emergency speaker came on with the captain’s voice calling the crew to their (muster) stations. After a moment to collect my thoughts I turned on my scanner that I had pre-tuned to all of the ship frequencies.

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After he concluded his remarks the scanner started chattering something about engine room cleanup from the fire suppression. Hopefully this fire incident will be soon be forgotten." Assuming this to be accurate, there are no media reports or any mention whatsoever on social media of the fire.

Princess Cruise has demonstrated a lack of transparency about ship fires on the before.

Rather than having the ship at the agreed-upon meeting spot, IE sailed hours upriver to a location which was not accessible by road.

A seaplane had to be chartered for the inspection team to get on the boat.

The Coast Guard said that it received a report from the on Wednesday evening that a 45-year-old male passenger was suffering from an apparent heart attack.

Coast Guard reports that it dispatched a helicopter to medevac a passenger from a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday evening.The Ansi Chronicle said that the fire occurred while the ship was between Amalfi and Palinuro with 105 passengers and 61 crew members aboard. All passengers and crew members were reportedly safely rescued by the fast ferry : A passenger states that the fire occured around AM local time on September 1st and completely disabled the ship.The ship was reportedly not evacuated until later in the afternoon around 12 hours after the fire.The Captain ordered the shutdown of generators one and four, smoke was apparently found on the lower aft decks and on deck sixteen. Then the Captain ordered, or perhaps it was automatic, the activation of the engine room fire suppression system.Let me pause here and tell you that fires on a ship are one of the most serious things that can ever happen. As the fire fighters prepared to enter the engine room the fire source was discovered to be a generator air supply fan belt on deck sixteen near the funnels which are not far from the Movies under the Stars (MUTS) outdoor theater.Before the accident, International Expeditions said that it designed, built and owned the river cruise ship, but now claims that these representations were a "mistake and misunderstanding." Photo credit: Larry and Christy Hammer with daughters, Kelly Hammer Lankford and Jill Hammer Malott - credit to: Kelly Hammer Lankford and Jill Hammer Malott via People Magazine. The scanner was chattering non stop with excited voices about a suspected fuel leak and fire in the engine room.

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