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(ADD) but its all put under the same category anyway. Instead of recognizing your symptoms and identifying the real issue... I had never been diagnosed with ADHD before, but with the diagnosis a lot of things made more sense.

She is denying it, even yesterday with eyes like O. I'm not going to say "she did this" or "she did that" - anyone who has had an addiction knows the addiction lies... I always felt like a outcast everywhere I went and people made fun of me because I was different . Repeat the above with a slightly different variety. and I struggled in college trying to focus in class to trying to studying at home.Yesterday I was really concerned with understanding the difference between meds.(Adderall vs generic U29 Amphetamine Salt Combo) Today I have a bit more understand and am content and thankful for what I do have.After a long and drawn out conversation with my insurance provide...When on my own left to my devices my mind spreads... I responded by laughing because I wasn't surprised one bit.

for a check up today and I'm going to ask him about ADHD. This is the first time in my life when I can read someone's story and mildly tear up because it applies to me so much. I found it funny that not one shrink had diagnosed me for something that I struggled with.

There is also a large selection of bdsm galleries and other photos throughout the site. You can use Google Translate to translate any BDSM story into your preferred language.

Our largest sexual organ is still the human mind and its limited only by your imagination.

There is also a very large adult community of people involved in the lifestyle in our lifestyle forums.

We have thousands of BDSM stories in our archives and more are being added daily and more authors than any other site.

but when I got into high school I stopped taking my medication. I'm trying to figure out how to cope without those... Blessed with high intelligence, I was able to cram for the exams the night before and pull off high marks. Hi i have always been different and now,thanks to the love of my life.

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