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Orange peel will naturally exfoliate the skin, it contains fairly good amount od citric acid and thus it acts as a natural bleach, it will help fade the spots and lighten the skin tone.For dry skin, make the orange peel mask with yogurt.

There are a lot of factors that effect the health of your skin for eg: The solution to all your skin problems lies in your kitchen, I bet, if you start making face packs from kitchen ingredients, you will finally have a shelf full of your homemade beauty products which will certainly beat the count of those sophisticated expensive chemical products.

This is a very basic homemade ubtan that is used by a lot of women and is a gentle cleansing mask, turmeric adds the benefit of its antibacterial properties.

Make a pack by mixing chicpea flour (besan), curd (dahi) and turmeric powder (haldi) with rosewater and apply it on your face, keep for 10 mins and then wash off. And in the second week you will see the difference.

This will help you avoid pimples and acne thus giving you a flawless clear skin naturally at home.

The best products that can give you healthy skin are the fruits from the season.

Cucumber For Fresh Glow Cucumber has properties that can give fresh, glowing clear skin : Grate a Cucumber and squeeze to take out the juice apply it to the face, keep for 15 minutes then wash off well.

Likewise, Juice of potato and carrots can also be applied on oily skin.fade tan crush a handful of cranberries and extract the juice from it.Apply this potent juice of fresh cranberries all over the face and neck, for better results apply it at night and rinse off in the morning.The catch is to have knowledge about what your skin needs and what we are giving it.Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and it provides protection to all the organs.Kids can play for hours and hours and you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned as the center is indoor.